Arts Learning Resources

Assessment Tools

How can we accurately and fairly assess student learning?

Assessment Tools157KB PDF
This document provides assessment resources and tools for arts educators and teaching artists.

Organizations and Resources

Where can I find information about arts learning organizations and their resources?

Organizations and Resources154KB PDF

This document provides information regarding local, regional and national arts learning organizations.

Arts Learning Research

What research is available and ongoing in the field of arts learning?

Research and Reports153KB PDF

This document offers information regarding studies, publications and research-based websites in the field of arts learning.

Curriculum Tools

Where can I find curriculum tools for different arts disciplines?

Curriculum Tools105KB PDF

This document offers a list of websites and other curriculum resources.

District Arts Coordinators Directory

What (and who) is a District Arts Coordinator (DAC)?

To request the District Arts Coordinator Directory, please send an email to

This document is a directory listing of Arizona District Arts Coordinators.

Evaluation Tools & Techniques

How do we accurately and fairly evaluate our programs?

Evaluation Tools & Techniques115KB PDF

This document provides evaluation tools and links to other resources.

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