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Former Commission Chair Darryl Dobras to be Recognized with Shelley Award; Governor’s Arts Awards Tickets Now Available

Former Chair of the Arizona Commission on the Arts and long-time arts advocate, Darryl Dobras, will be honored at this year’s Governor’s Arts Awards event, on March 27, 2012. Dobras will be recognized as the Shelley Award recipient for his support of and service to the Arizona arts and culture sector.

The Shelley Award is named for former Arizona Commission on the Arts Executive Director, Shelley Cohn, and is presented to “an individual who has advanced the arts through strategic and innovative work in creating or supporting public policy beneficial to the arts in Arizona.” (more…)

WESTAF Visual Arts Exhibition Touring Program: Funding Available

The Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) Visual Arts Exhibition Touring Program (VAT) is a competitive grant program for visual arts organizations to support tours of visual art exhibitions of important regional artists. The standard VAT grant cycle awards grants of up to $50,000. To qualify for funding, the exhibition must tour to two venues outside of its originating state and within the WESTAF region between October 1 of the application and award year and September 30 of the following year. Funds must be matched; however, an in-kind match is acceptable. (more…)

Arts Commission’s Reauthorization Bill Passes out of Committee with Unanimous Approval

Arts Commission’s Reauthorization Bill Passes out of Committee with Unanimous Approval

We are very pleased to report that the bill to reauthorize the Arizona Commission on the Arts for ten years received unanimous support from the Arizona House Commerce Committee on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

As many are aware, the Arts Commission must be reauthorized in order to continue its services past fiscal year 2012, the current fiscal year. This process is not unique to the Arts Commission; all state agencies move through a “sunset review process,” typically every ten years (though agencies can be required to engage in sunset reviews at intervals fewer than ten years). (more…)

Celebrate Arizona’s 100th Year Through the Arts

Happy Birthday Arizona!
Celebrations are synonymous with the arts; music and dancing set the mood, images and photography capture the occasion, readings and stories recall and commemorate treasured past memories, all while looking ahead to hopes and dreams for the future. Arizona’s 100th year celebration offers a time for Arizonans to revel in the many ways the arts capture the spirit of our state.

In almost every city and town, Arizonans will attend festivals, perform plays, read stories, create visual pieces, dance and sing in honor of the Centennial year. In fact, how would we celebrate this historic year, and the pivotal moments of our collective history, without the arts? (more…)

Grants Cycle for Organizations and Schools Now Open, Important information regarding the AZ Cultural Data Project

The Arizona Cultural Data Project took flight a year ago this February. How time flies! Over the course of the last 12 months the Arizona Commission on the Arts worked with local funders, arts organizations and the staff of the Pew Charitable Trusts to provide comprehensive training and awareness of the many features the Arizona Cultural Data Project provides to arts organizations. We received an overwhelming positive response and have maintained a steady pattern of growth in registrations for the program. The time has finally come for the program to merge with the Arizona Commission on the Arts’ online grant system – EGOR.

Arts organizations applying to the General Operating Support, Festival, Organizational Development, Basic and Locals Aid grant categories are now required to submit their financial information using the Arizona Cultural Data Project. Specific instructions on how to register with the Cultural Data Project are available in the Arts Commission’s recently published grant guides. Additionally, you can visit for more information about the program and how to get started. (more…)

Creative Capital: Info Sessions in AZ and Upcoming Deadlines

Creative Capital is now accepting online Letters of Inquiry for grants in Emerging Fields, Literature and Performing Arts. The deadline for submitting inquiries is March 1 at 4:00pm EST. Visit to learn more about the application process, read the grant guidelines and access the Inquiry Form.

Creative Capital provides integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing innovative and adventurous projects. Acting as a catalyst for the development of exceptional and imaginative ideas, they support artists whose work is provocative, timely and relevant; who are deeply engaged with their art forms and demonstrate a rigorous commitment to their craft; who are boldly original and push the boundaries of their genre; and who create work that carries the potential to reshape the cultural landscape. Selected grantees receive up to $50,000 in direct support for their project and advisory services valued at more than $40,000. (more…)

Cultural Tourism and Economic Strategy for the Arts

Cultural Tourism is an important component of economic development and revenue for most any community large or small.  The Arts Commission supports the development of cultural tourism in communities across Arizona through seminars, grants and informational resources.  Most recently, we  partnered with the Arizona Humanities Council and Smithsonian Magazine.

Our statewide arts and cultural industry and artists contribute to the richness of our state and attract tourists from across the world.  As President Obama speaks about tourism as an economic driver and source of jobs in Arizona this week, we thought it was important to bring the focus in just a little closer, and further discuss tourism from an Arts and Culture point of view.

President Obama recently said, “I directed my administration to send me a new national tourism strategy focused on creating jobs. And some of America’s most successful business leaders — some who are here today — have signed up to help. We’re going to see how we can make it easier for foreign tourists to find basic information about visiting America. And we’re going to see how we can attract more tourists to our national parks. We want people visiting not just Epcot Center, but the Everglades, too. The more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work. It’s that simple.” (more…)

Guides to Grants for Fiscal Year 2013 Cycle Now Available

If you are currently a recipient of grant funding from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, or are interested in applying for the first time, please visit to find information about grant categories, eligibility and application requirements.

Guidelines are now available for applying to the 2012-2013, fiscal year 2013 cycle of grants for organizations and schools.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin preparing application narratives and materials now, using the Guide to Grants documents. The Electronic Grants Online Resource, or EGOR – the online system used by applicants for grant application submission – will open in late January 2012.

Applicants should pay special attention to the following changes:

  • Cultural Data Project: After nearly two years of preparation, trainings and orientations, the Arizona Cultural Data Project (CDP), a free financial tool for Arizona arts organizations, is now the primary vehicle for application budget submission. All applicants to the GOS and Festivals grants categories are required to submit their organization’s budget information using the Arizona Cultural Data Project ( Applicants should not delay: an organization’s first CDP data entry effort takes time and should not be postponed until the last minute. See the GOS Guide for more information.
  • Festival Grant Funding: For the fiscal year 2013 grants cycle, Metro Phoenix/Metro Tucson organizations may not apply for support for both a Festival Project Grant and a General Operating Support (including Organizational Development Grant, General Operating Support Levels I, II, or III, or Basic/Locals Aid). Additionally, up to 10 of the grant review panels’ top-ranked festivals may receive merit-based $1,000 awards in addition to the flat $1,500 Festival Project Grant award, as well as an “Arizona Commission on the Arts Superfestival” distinction for the grant cycle (based on the availability of Arts Commission funds).
  • Grants on hiatus: Due to sustained reductions to the Arts Commission’s grantmaking budget, Partners in Arts Learning Grants, discipline-based Project Grants and Arts Link to Tourism and the Economy (ALTE) are on hiatus for the 2012-2013, fiscal year 2013 cycle.

Applicants are encouraged to review all updates and changes to the Arts Commission’s grant application and review process in the Guide to Grants, Overview.

The deadline to submit an application for the upcoming grants cycle is Thursday, March 15, 2012.

Questions? Contact the Arts Commission at 602-771-6502 or

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