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NEA Awards Art Works Grants to 15 Arizona Arts Organizations

This week, the National Endowment for the Arts announced its second round of Art Works grants for fiscal year 2014. 15 grants were made to Arizona arts and culture organizations, totaling $440,000 in grant funds. For a complete list of Arizona grantees, project descriptions and award amounts, see the posted list, below.

These grants support exemplary projects in thirteen artistic disciplines and fields: arts education, dance, design, folk and traditional arts, literature, local arts agencies, media arts, museums, music, opera, presenting, theater and musical theater, and visual arts. (more…)

Griots for Change: A Conversation with Erik O’Neal of BlackPoet Ventures

In honor of National Poetry Month, we’ve asked some of Arizona’s most exciting poets to share their thoughts and insights about poetry.

Today we speak with Erik O’Neal of BlackPoet Ventures.

BPV Team (more…)

Professional Development Grants: Now Accepting Applications

PDG_ImageArs longa, vita brevis- HippocratesThough Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, was speaking specifically to his fellow physicians when he said it, anyone who pursues mastery of a particular craft would be wise to remember this particular admonition:Art is long, life is short.What artist hasn’t felt a little overwhelmed by all the knowledge yet to be acquired, techniques yet to be mastered and skills yet to be developed? Don’t panic! Just remember to follow that other ancient admonition:Seize the day!
- The Newsies (more…)

External Ideas, Internal Experiences: A Conversation with Arizona Poet Kelly Nelson

2014 ARDG Kelly NelsonIn honor of National Poetry Month, we’ve asked some of Arizona’s most exciting poets to share their thoughts and insights about poetry. First up is Kelly Nelson of Tempe. “As a poet, I’m interested in blending fact and imagination,” says Nelson. “I’m fascinated by the process of mixing external ideas and internal experiences to create poetry that is both intellectually and emotionally satisfying to readers.  The themes I find myself continually returning to are family history, place, death, secrets and things unsaid.”

Arizona Gives Day 2014

AZ_GD_2014_Logo_F_RGBArizona is home to hundreds of nonprofit arts organizations. From community theatre companies, choirs, and orchestras to the local performing arts centers that house them; from organizations that gather and preserve Arizona’s artistic heritage to organizations that deliver meaningful arts experiences to those who would otherwise be unable to participate, Arizona’s nonprofit arts organizations enrich our lives, strengthen our communities, and bolster our economy. They come in all shapes and sizes and vary greatly in structure, mission, and method, but every one of them relies to some degree on private donations. (more…)

A Look Inside the Arizona Arts Entrepreneur Toolkit with Linda Essig

Last month, the Arizona Commission on the Arts received an email with the following subject line:

Arizona Commission on the Arts seed grant to see 12X rate of return!

AT_East_100_20140129The email was from Linda Essig of Arizona State University’s PAVE Program in Arts Entrepreneurship. In the email she described how she was able to leverage the grant her organization received through our Arizona Art Tank funding initiative to secure additional funding for their Arizona Arts Entrepreneurship Toolkit project. Linda Essig doesn’t just teach Arts Entrepreneurship, she lives it.

Now Linda has launched an online survey designed to gather information about the market for her toolkit and to help guide its development. With additional funding rolling in and market research underway, we thought it was a good time to check-in with Linda on the project’s progress. (more…)

2014 Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards: Art for Art’s Sake

Last night, artists, arts educators, arts administrators and arts supporters from all across Arizona gathered in the Mesa Arts Center’s Ikeda Theatre for the 2014 Governor’s Arts Awards. Presented by Arizona Citizens for the Arts, this annual event honors the “outstanding efforts of individuals and organizations contributing to the diversity and excellence of Arizona’s arts and culture community.” 158 individuals, organizations and institutions have received Governor’s Arts Awards over the program’s 33 year history and last night seven more recipients were added to that list. (more…)

Arizona Art Tank: Beyond the Pitch, Part 2

Earlier this year, the Arizona Commission on the Arts invested $124,000 in 21 arts-based entrepreneurial ventures through a new funding initiative called Arizona Art Tank. In a departure from our usual application and panel review process, top applicants for this program were given six minutes each to pitch an innovative, “business unusual” venture to an expert panel and a live audience at one of four regional events. The highest scoring ventures at each event were awarded $10,000 in seed-funding. (more…)

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