The Arts Commission’s 10-Year Reauthorization Signed by Governor Brewer

Dear arts and culture advocates,

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Governor Jan Brewer signed HB2265 into law, reauthorizing the Arizona Commission on the Arts for 10 years.

HB2265’s success is attributable to a monumental statewide effort: a yearlong collaboration between artists, arts educators, administrators, board members, advocates and bipartisan elected officials.

Within the reauthorization process, challenges arose. At times we were told the best our state could hope for was a 1- or 2-year reauthorization of its arts agency, if the agency could be reauthorized at all.

But your support, your strong (and developing!) relationships with bipartisan elected leaders, and the evidence of the sector’s impact across our cities and towns, provided positive momentum.

The leadership supplied by our partners in arts advocacy, Arizona Citizens/Action for the Arts, and the guidance provided by our Governor-appointed Commissioners, forged the path.

And the commitment of the Arizona State Legislators who stepped out as arts and culture champions, piloted the bill to success.

HB2265 passed out of each of its committees with unanimous 10-year recommendations for continuation, then passed out of the House 50 to 1, and out of the Senate, 20 to 10.

With Governor Brewer’s signature, the Arizona Commission on the Arts will continue supporting and promoting your important work – work that contributes to economic revitalization, lifelong learning and community vibrancy across our great state.

On behalf of the Arts Commission’s staff and board, our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped this bill along its way, and for your continued support of Arizona’s arts and culture sector!

With optimism for Arizona’s creative future,

Bob Booker

PS: Arizona Citizens/Action for the Arts has posted more information about how you can thank your elected officials for their support of arts and culture in Arizona, at

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