Individual Artist Services

The Arizona Commission on the Arts provides a wealth of programs and services to support the work of individual artists practicing in all creative disciplines across Arizona.

Individual Artist Services

Artist Research and Development Grant

The Arts Commission provides assistance to individual artists through annual Artist Research and Development Grants. Artists apply for project-related funding up to $5,000 for research and development leading to the creation of a work of art in any artistic discipline. Previous Artist Project Grant or Artist Research and Development recipients may apply for and receive the Artist Research and Development Grant every five years.

Visit the Grants section for more information or to apply for the Artist Research and Development Grant.

Professional Development Grant
Professional Development Grants provide funding support for participation in artistic development and skills building activities or opportunities that contribute to professional growth and career development.

Visit the Fast-Track Grants page for more information or to apply for a Professional Development Grant.

Technical Assistance
Arts Commission staff is available to provide assistance such as: grant proposal development; research in the arts; referrals to other resources; and consultations for individual artists in a wide variety of areas.

Skills-Building Workshops and Career Development Opportunities
Visit the Opportunities and Events, Presentations and Workshops page to discover workshops and skills-building opportunities.

Listings of Arts Opportunities
Visit the Opportunities and Events section to search local, state, and national arts opportunities available to artists in all disciplines.

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