The Choice is Art

Exposure to the Arts means
Higher SAT Scores

Exposure to the Arts means
Increased School Attendance

Exposure to the Arts means
Lower Dropout Rates

Robert Booker: The Choice is Art

Robert Booker, Executive Director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts

Did You Know?

Only 37% of Arizona schools provide students with opportunities to learn from Artists in Residence. – Arizona Arts Education Census Project, 2010.

Arts participants demonstrate increased ability to express anger appropriately, communicate effectively and work cooperatively with others. – Youth ARTS Development Project, Department of Justice, 2000.

93% of Americans agree the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education for children. – Harris Poll, 2005.

134, 203 Arizona students attend a school without any access to arts instruction provided by a highly qualified arts teacher. – Arizona Arts Education Census Project, 2010.

Only 8% of Arizona schools repot having adequately equipped facilities for dance. – Arizona Arts Education Census Project, 2010.

Arizona students receive 55 minutes of music and visual arts instruction per week, in contrast to dance and theatre, which never exceed an average of 15 minutes per week. – Arizona Arts Education Census.

“To prepare our children for the creative economy they need a comprehensive education.” – The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent, Richard Florida, 2005

Student participation in arts-based learning increases school attendance and educational aspirations. – Critical Links, Arts Education Partnership, 2002.

The Choice is Art Campaign

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Aligned and embedded within the Arts Commission’s strategic plan, The Choice is Art is a 4-year promotional campaign for the arts in Arizona, meant to:

  • Advance the cultural conversation in Arizona,
  • Grow public understanding about the broad-spectrum benefits of arts programs and increase arts participation in Arizona communities, and
  • Fortify a privately-held arts endowment whose funds can be utilized in support of statewide arts programs. This endowment, Arizona ArtShare, was established in 1996 and is held by the Arizona Community Foundation.

The Choice is Art’s first focus is the importance of access to arts education. Over four years the campaign will evolve to address the following: the significant contributions of Arizona artists and arts professionals, the positive impact of the arts on community health and livability, the broad economic impact of the arts and culture sector, and the singular role of the arts in promoting cultural understanding.

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